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This page provides acid alkaline diet guidelines to help your pain relief treatments work more effectively. With a balanced diet cancer has been successfully treated by Dr Robert Young.

He recommends the alkaline diet in his highly recommended book.

The pH Miracle

What is the alkaline diet?

The acid alkaline diet has been confirmed by live blood microscopy.

Here we can see an example of highly acidic blood ph 5.6 in a client who has severe back pain

It’s full of bacteria causing pain and inflammation

 As the blood becomes more alkaline it is easy to see the improvement

He followed The acid alkaline diet and received scenar treatment at Ulverston Natural Health Centre

Our body is in good health when it is alkaline and we have an acid alkaline diet balance. The pH of most of our important cellular fluids such as our blood should be between a pH of 7.4 and 7.8, ie slightly alkaline. This can be accomplished with a good acid alkaline diet plan.

Your body has to keep the pH of your blood at pH 6.9 or above. If it goes below it is coma and death. If you eat too many acid foods and drinks your body takes calcium out of your bones to neutralise this acid excess.

if the body is constantly using bone calcium to neutralize the acids we consume then bone loss osteoporosis can occur.

Our diet has changed over the last century, dramatically increasing the amount of acidity in our body. Diet, stress, and lack of exercise increases acidity in our body

acid alkaline diet

The most important fluid of the body is blood. It is the life of the body. We must realize the obvious truth that the blood cannot be better than the material of which it is made. It is now an acknowledged fact that our physical and mental well-being depend on the normal alkalinity of the blood. The blood plasma is, and should be, always on the alkaline side - hence the reaction of blood in health is alkaline. A certain amount of acid is found in the body of every human being, but when it increases it leads to ill-health. Excess of acid in the blood endangers our health and youthfulness and no effort should be spared in keeping the diet highly alkaline. The cure of chronic diseases is only possible if the blood possesses the right compound of alkaline substance. A healthy blood stream is one of the best germicides known and largely determines our resistive power to disease.

So, in order to ensure the necessary alkalinity for health, fruits and vegetables should figure in abundance in the diet in relation to the quantities of animal flesh, cereal foods, pulses and eggs. The aim of course, should be to get rid of the acidity without the aid of anti-acid drugs.

In order to remain healthy, we have to regulate not only our daily food with due observance of its acid or alkaline characteristics, but make sure that our eliminative organs are working normally.

The following chart of acid and alkaline forming foods will aid in selecting foods to maintain properly the acid-base equilibrium

Important: Do not make the mistake of becoming too radical on the alkaline question, for it is just as bad for the body to become too alkaline as it is for it to become too acid. Besides, when we speak of citrus fruits it does not mean that they are acid-forming in the body, they are alkaline in reaction after they are eaten. It is well to remember that depending on how the food is cooked, it will have either an acid or alkaline reaction. For instance, potato boiled or baked in the jacket is alkaline in reaction whereas fried potatoes are acid-forming.

Try to keep your food chemistry balanced as mentioned above. Do not let it become too alkaline or too acid. 

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