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A number of problems can cause arm ache. Diagnosis can be difficult for conventional doctors because musculoskeletal problems and many diseases can cause symptoms. Hence doctors often find it difficult to diagnose and treat.

The best pain relief treatment

A 5 step scenar treatment is very effective to remedy arm ache problems. It is also very important to adopt an anti inflammatory diet to speed up the healing process.

1.    Find the centre of the pain using your fingers which serve as an effective diagnostic tool!.

2.    Placing the scenar on the painful spot then adjust the power to a comfortable level treating for 5 minutes.

3.    Brush the area in the four directions of a cross until the stickiness or energy blockage is cleared.

4.    Holding the scenar on painful spot move your arm slowly in all directions.

5.    Then feel the difference - significant reduction in pain levels

Ache in arm causes

Pinched nerve or nerve compression

A pinched nerve can cause an aching or pain sensation in the shoulder and or upper arm. A nerve compression in the neck or upper back can affect nerve pathways that radiate from the neck to shoulders, arms and hands. Gentle stretching can help reduce the pain.

arm ache at night

Can occur if you sleep in an awkward position, try adjusting the position you sleep in so that you feel more comfortable. Stretching or exercising your arms can help strengthen and lead to less pain at night.

Exercise and sport injuries Affecting the arms or back

Muscle ache can be a result of over exertion, over exercising or even playing a musical instrument like the guitar or violin. Exercise can build muscles. When you use muscles during exercise this promotes growth and formation of new muscle fibres and cells, forming larger muscle mass. The ache or pain you feel is due to the breakdown of the muscle fibre caused by a tearing and breakage of muscle fibre. this can lead to stiffness pain or ache for one or two days after a vigorous workout.


Bursitis can cause the upper arm to throb with pain or aching. Pain often feels worse when moving the arm or shoulder. The shoulder and upper arm can become red, swollen and hot to the touch. You may feel aches and pains in the muscles surrounding the shoulder caused by the swelling and inflammation of the shoulder joint tissues.


Fibromyalgia can affect muscles and joints causing severe pain and exhaustion. The condition usually produces tender points of pain in the shoulders and also near the elbows and the back of the arm . Pain can radiate from these tender points to connecting muscles.

Warning Signs of a Heart Attack or hypertension

Pain in the left upper arm can be one of the signs of a heart attack or hypertension. Sometimes the pain can be sharp, sudden, or a dull numb pain, an aching throb or tingling. You may feel pain originating in the muscles, or deeper in the shoulder joint caused by irritation of the nerve endings. If you have an unexplained pain in your upper arm and chest not caused by factors such as over exertion or injury, it is important visit your doctor. If you have pain accompanied by symptoms such as chest pressure or pain, a shortness of breath and feeling nauseous, treat it as an emergency.

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