collar bone pain

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collar bone pain

Pain can be caused by an injury or arthritis due to an overly acidic diet or a combination of the two. Most of the time the clavicle, another name for the collar bone is painful due problems with the acromio-clavicular joint, see diagram. This can be come vulnerable to injury due an acid deposition in the joint causing damage. Because the collar bone transfers the weight carried by lifting it can be painful to lift your arm or carry even moderately heavy items.

Pain relief treatment

First of all alkalise your system with advise on the acid alkaline diet page and treat the injury or arthritis with your home use scenar. This will give fast and effective pain relief as well as speeding up the healing process.

If there has been a tear to the acromio clavicular ligament tear the dull ache, and pain felt whilst moving the arm caused by this can take some time to heal. As ligaments do not have a blood supply, however the scenar will stimulate blood flow to the site of the injury speeding up recovery without which there could be several months of pain.

Causes of collar bone pain

As we have seen injuries can cause pain, such as falling on the shoulder or sports injury, or road accidents. Other causes include tumours, joint dislocation, arthritis and erosion of bone due to wear and tear and an acidic diet.

Broken or cracked collar bone

This is extremely painful and again is caused by a fall onto the shoulder, and can take 6 to 8 weeks to heal. You are normally given braces or a sling to support the shoulder whilst the collar bone is healing. The sign that you have a broken or cracked collar bone include swelling, inflammation severe pain, the shoulder can drop and you may have heard a snapping sound during the accident. If this is the case go to accident and emergency straight away, and use your home use scenar on high power to give pain relief whilst you are waiting to be seen.

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