dorsal foot pain

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dorsal foot pain

Pain relief treatment

Pain on the dorsal or top part of the foot can be treated immediately with the home use scenar. Treat for five minutes up to six tines a day for for fast effective treatment of an injury or long term persistent pain. If you have chronic pain due to arthritis then cut damaging acid foods and drinks out of your diet and eat alkaline.

An acute injury can be treated with the RICE treatment ie rest, applying an ice pack, compression if needed and elevation, raising the injured foot to help swelling reduce.

For chronic long term persistent pain make sure you wear good quality footwear that support your feet.

Causes of dorsal foot pain

Foot pain is very common and most of the time it is just temporary and can appear and disappear over the course of a few days unless is is being caused by wearing the wrong type of footwear., or other causes that need addressing.

Stress fractures

Sports injuries and sports that apply strong pressure on the feet can cause cracks or fractures in the bones at the top of the foot.

Mid tarsal faults

High heels and shoes that cause you to walk without good support also can apply stress and pressure on the feet causing flat feet or a collapsed arch.

Trapped nerves

A trapped nerve can be very painful. Again shoes that do not give your feet adequate support can cause nerves to get trapped in between the bones of the feet.


Phlebitis can occur when the veins of the feet become swollen due to poor circulation. This can be very painful and needs treatment urgently.


Painful cysts can occur on the dorsal part of of the feet, an example of this is a ganglion cyst. Cysts form if the body is too a idic. Acid is so damaging so the body stores damaging acids in cysts lumps and crystals. These uric acid crystals cause painful gout. So affirm Alkalise your system.

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