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Scenar is an electronic pain relief device that uses an electrical wave form for therapy. This works by emulating the body’s bio electrical system. It restores balance and reinitiates the body’s healing mechanisms. It is a hand held pain relief device and is non invasive and assists the body to heal itself.

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SCENAR was developed by a Russian Scientist Karasov in the 1970s whilst working on the space program. A treatment was needed to keep cosmonauts and elite military pilots in optimum health and did not use needles or drugs.

The cosmonaut or pilot's energetic balance is checked using the RISTA diagnostic system. See left. I trained to use this in Moscow with Professor Gorodetsky who was responsible for training cosmonauts to use the scenar system. The device is Russian and named Scenar an acronym for ‘Self-Controlled-Energy-Neuron-Adaptive Regulator’ was first introduced into the UK in 1997 by Dr Colthurst. It represents a break through in how to stimulate the bod’s into natural self healing. SCENAR therapy is now used by thousands of doctors, paramedics and hospitals in Russia.

When placed on the skin, the scenar radiates an electrical signal into the body and listens for a response by measuring the skin electrical impedance and then a microchip analyses the response and returns a signal optimized to produce the maximum healing effect. Scenar produces a bio feedback treatment loop with a dynamically changing impulse that counters the normal body tendency to develop tolerance to static signals. In contrast to TENS that produces a square wave static signal that the body finds very boring and over time ignores. Scenar electrical impulses travel down nerve fibres to the brain where they trigger the release of chemicals such as endorphins and regulative neuro-peptides the body’s painkillers. These chemicals enter the blood stream and pervade the whole body. SCENAR therapy helps the body to recognize and reconnect damaged or painful areas. SCENAR awakens the brain in order to switch on its healing mechanisms restoring the body to a balanced and pain free state.

What can SCENAR treat?

SCENAR is an effective electronic pain relief treatment device for a wide range of conditions including: Back and Joint Pain, disc injury, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, arthritis, repetitive strain injury, gout, golfer's knee, tennis elbow, tendonitis, frozen shoulder, bursitis, whiplash, rotator cuff pain, sciatica and spondylitis. Acute Injury and much more.

electronic pain relief

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