gallbladder pain

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gallbladder pain

The gall bladder is pear shaped and located beneath the liver. The main function of the gallbladder is the storing of bile. The liver produces bile to help with the digestion of fat. The bile stored in the gall bladder and with time becomes concentrated increasing its ability to digest fats. The gall bladder feeds bile into the digestion as required.

Gall bladder pain relief

With mild or moderate pain the best gall bladder pain relief treatments include an acid-alkaline diet for gall bladder pain and gallstones and Russian scenar treatment can give immediate and long lasting pain relief.

Tenderness or pain underneath the right hand side of the rib cage

Back pain

Pain in area between or under shoulder blades

Gall bladder pain referred to the upper right chest is possible

Other possible accompanying pain symptoms

Stools chalky or light coloured

Fatty stools

Stomach pain

After eating fatty or greasy foods indigestion


Nausea Bloating


Feeling bloated and indigestion

Belching or burping



Headache over the right or left eye

After eating a bitter fluid comes up

Abdominal pain or spleen pain after removal

Back pain after gall bladder surgery

Throat pain after gall bladder surgery

Non functioning gall bladder pain

Abdominal pain after removal

Milk allergy

Increased pulse with pain

Gall bladder pain with fever

It is possible to get gall bladder pains with no gall bladder or stones

Pain after eating legumes beans or peas

Pain after lifting weights

If you have severe back pain or body pain contact your doctor

Natural gall bladder pain remedy

Herbal remedies for gall bladder pain can be obtained from a qualified herbalist. A good quality multivitamin can be helpful. Alternative therapies such as acupuncture I found to be effective to ease gall bladder pain.

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