genital herpes pain relief

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genital herpes pain relief

Your doctor usually provides a diagnosis of herpes, as diagnosing by oneself is difficult. The best pain relief for genital herpes is using the Russian scenar therapy device which was developed from space research. The scenar provides immediate and long lasting pain relief. My work with live blood analysis shows that herpes sufferers all have a diet high in protein fats sugar and acid forming foods and use unnecessary aggravation of symptoms. The only medication supplied by conventional doctors merely attempts to suppress the pain of a chronic genital herpes infection. However OTC over the counter painkillers can be taken if you do not have a scenar to hand.

Picture of genital herpes This image shows a typical genital herpes outbreak, showing typical lesions, blisters and bumps and sore wart like appearance.

Both males and females can suffer from recurrent genital herpes and it is particularly unpleasant in pregnancy.

In addition there are some home remedies that can give some additional help and pain relief.

To prevent your partner contracting genital herpes condoms are of course essential.

genital herpes pain relief natural remedies

Lemon juice
Can be diluted with water and dabbed onto to herpes sores to help them dry up.
Potassium based alum
Used for food preparation and pickling can be sprinkled on herpes sores and in similar way to lemon juice helps them dry up.
Tea Tree Oil
can be used to speed healing. Apply it directly with an eye dropper to the herpes sores.
Vitamin E Oil
Can also be applied directly and also has a soothing effect.
Cold can help reduce itching, swelling and give pain relief. In the usual manner wrap up ice up in a damp towel and apply for 10 minutes at a time.
You can have a bath using a mixture of oatmeal salt and sodium bicarbonate dissolved in the bath water. This can be very soothing.
Zinc Sulphate You can use this as an ointment to sooth the genital herpes rash. 

It is available from your local pharmacy as a baby cream

You can see a medical herbalist as some herbal remedies can also be helpful.

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