natural pain relief for teeth

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natural pain relief for teeth


The quickest way to relieve both acute and chronic tooth pain is to use the Russian Scenar home use device. It is particularly effective in relieving the pain of dental extraction. The scenar does not need to be applied to teeth and gums directly but transmits the painkilling effect through the skin of the face. Also cut down on acid foods and drinks which can irritate the nerves and cause aching in the teeth. Breathing meditation can reduce the pain significantly whilst you are waiting to see a dentist.

These natural pain relief treatments can also be used for wisdom teeth pain.

natural pain relief remedies

Clove oil

Clove oil is available to buy at most supermarkets, for teeth pain relief. Soak a small piece of cotton wool with clove oil and place it directly on where you can feel the pain or tooth ache.


If you find clove oil a bit too strong you can try using peppermint oil which works in a similar way. You can also try chewing peppermint leaves and applying them on or between painful teeth.

Salt water

Make up a glass of warm salt water and swill it around your mouth. This can help reduce and inflammation and can help draw poisons out.


Cinnamon can be made into a paste with coconut oil and applied to painful teeth and gums.


Drops of brandy or whisky can be used for a painful toothache attack using cotton wool in a similar manner to clove oil

Vanilla extract

Again drops of vanilla extract can be applied to a painful tooth using cotton wool in a similar manner to clove oil


If an allergy is thought to be causing teeth pain get an allergy test. Avoid bleaching or whitening chemicals if you get burning pain after using them.

Of course you need to keep your teeth clean, by regular cleaning with a good quality brush and paste.

Dehydration can make tooth pain worse and give an additional unwanted headache so make sure you are drinking enough water.

If you are grinding your teeth and it is causing pain then check your stress levels and learn relaxing breathing meditation.

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