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orgasm pain relief

orgasm pain relief

Orgasm can be a powerful pain killer. Substances such as oxytocin and endorphins which are natural chemicals released before and during the climax reduce pain significantly.

Orgasms can produce pain relief for severe headaches, muscle pain, and migraines. It is possible to stop a migraine from getting worse even though the pain may put you off . Using it from time to time can be very beneficial. An orgasm can provide pain relief by drawing attention away from pain. The orgasm has a natural pain-killing effect on the body.

Even so men and women can experience pain during and after an orgasm finding that their orgasms have gradually become painful.

orgasm pain relief treatment

Pain killers can help whilst you treat the cause of the problem with an alkaline diet and scenar therapy. Also breathing meditation can be very effective. A hot water bottle on the lower part of the abdomen relieves pain. You can recover much more quickly with the above treatment and can look forward to enjoying orgasms again.

In woman there can be a strong cramp like pain in the lower abdomen or pelvic area at climax.
This can last from a few minutes to a several hours. Unfortunately this is quite common, many women with this problem are at or near menopause. Very little is known by doctors about this female condition however the pain may be linked to the decrease in hormone levels that occurs at menopause.
The abdominal pain can start suddenly and can inflict bad or quite severe pain.
In some cases the pain can radiate into the lower back or cause spasm of muscles in the waist, or rectum area.

Other causes can include ovarian cysts, fibroids, or endometriosis, pms, pregnancy, multiple orgasms, a full bladder or the use of a femdom. Males can experience pain during orgasm due to infections or injury.

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