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pain after root canal treatment

The root canal is the natural cavity in the centre of a tooth. The pulp chamber is soft area in the root canal. The tooth nerve is inside the root canal. Root canal treatment repairs a badly decayed, infected tooth. The root canal treatment is where the tooth nerve and tooth pulp are removed and the tooth should be sealed and cleaned properly. Tooth nerves are not vital to teeth health The removal of a nerve will not stop the functioning of the tooth.

After having root canal treatment, do not eat hard food chew or bite down on food such as nuts until your dentist advises it is ok to do so. 
After your last root canal treatment your tooth should be pain free, although it can feel a bit sensitive for several days afterwards. Over the counter painkilling medication like ibuprofen or paracetamol may be taken to relieve discomfort. 
Visit your dentist if you still experience swelling or pain after more than a few days. After your root canal treatment the tooth and filling can be cleaned as you normally do. Return to have check ups from your dentist as often as advised.

If the pain is chronic or recurring lasting for more than 2 weeks then see your dentist, however the russian scenar treatment offers quick and effective pain relief.

You may have referred pain to your jaw. ear or wrist following or post root canal treatment.

Prevention is always better than cure so keep clear of acidic foods and drinks by following an alkaline diet to protect your teeth. You can use meditation if you are waiting to see your dentist in order to reduce the experience of pain.

However in spite of your dentist having cleaned and sealed a tooth a new infection can develop after a root canal. This can occur if the root canal in a tooth was left un-cleaned or
a there was a crack in the tooth.
Poor dental work can allowed bacteria to enter into the inner part of the tooth and re-contaminate the area.
There can be a break-down of sealing material over time that allows bacteria to re-contaminate the inside of the tooth. Sometimes re-treatment is successful otherwise the tooth may have to be removed.

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