Tapping for pain relief 

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Tapping for pain relief is a good method to use to assist your pain relief treatment such as the recommended Russian Scenar therapy. The human body is covered with a web of C fibres that when stimulated give pleasure nerve signals. If enough of these are stimulated they cancel out the signals that detect pain.

Tapping for pain relief stimulates these pleasure nerve signals giving significant pain reduction.

We will use the fingertips to stimulate key points on the body.

The more you do this, the more you will build new nerve pathways that cancel out mental and physical pain.

Ask the universe, God, Buddha, Krishna, Jesus, The Great Earth Mother or whoever you take refuge in to fill you with healing energy The whole universe is full of healing energy whether you believe in it or not.

We start by using the three finger tips to very gently tap the centre of the navel the inner fire point. Very gently tap and hold your fingers on the point and feel a warm feeling like the warmth of the sun glowing at that point. Just feel the energy for about 10 seconds or more if you wish. This awakens the inner fire of warmth pleasure and inner bliss.

Next, we move to the crown of the head and repeating the process on each point working down the body.

crown - throat - heart - navel - sex organ

Then repeat in reverse order

sex organ - navel - heart - throat -crown

Next sequence of points

sex organ - two eye lids - two ears - nose - mouth

Next sequence of points

crown - two eyes lids - two ears - nose - mouth - right wrist - left wrist - right shoulder - left shoulder - right hip - left hip - right ankle - left ankle

Next sequence of points

right hand palm - left hand palm - mouth -sex organ - right shoulder - left shoulder - right knee - left knee - crown - right sole of foot - left sole of foot

Then relax and enjoy blissful and spacious sensations for as long as you like.

I received the instructions for the points from my healing master Lama Gangchen Rinpoche at Albagnano Healing Meditation Centre.

If you wish to go deeper into the points for your own and healing please contact the centre.

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